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What’s your name? Tyler

When’s your birthday? March 13

Where are you from? The Hospitality State

Favorite color? Aquamarine or Sea-foam Green

Write something in caps? I LOVE ROCK & ROLL.

Favorite band/artist? 5 Seconds of Summer is pretty good.

Favorite number? 13

Favorite drink? coffee or Diet Coke

Tag ten people: margaretkeepingme a-piece-of-trash xwynn soul-dwelling-not every-fandom-girl yesiliveunderarock kurapilka nuifawn anyelinalvarez transmigratory

HAVE FUN GUYS!!!!!!!!! (tag me in response please I wanna know you guys a little better)


fabulousanima asked:

Prompt: Maka and Soul accidentally break something valuable on a mission and must do community service to make up for it.



I can never stay on task. I only did the first part of your prompt because I decided this would be more amusing. Guess what other popular anime inspired this thing! +20 in the next life!

Soul claws at his powder blue suit jacket, ready to tear the thing off and fling it to the moon to join Chrona and that damn Kishin.

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I don’t mind losing myself at times. Often, the person I find is a lot better than the one I left behind.

I like this. Go get lost on purpose!

I wish I was beside you.